C L A S S R O O M    E D I T I O N

Kids laugh as they learn with the YakLibs Classroom Edition

Your students simply choose a story, fill in the blanks with different parts of speech, and then watch their hilarious story come to life. It's the classic game you know and love, now even more fun and interactive than ever.

The YakLibs Classroom Edition is made especially for use in the classroom. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and no social media sharing. Just 48 fun stories your students will love.

“It made my son laugh like crazy!”
—Dad of 8-year-old
“It’s fun and easy to navigate. I really enjoyed it.”
—Elementary school teacher
“It’s hilarious. I love the visuals.”
—Mom of 7-year-old
“Mom! Siri’s telling a funny story!”
“I’m going to get all my friends to download this!”


• Kids learn parts of speech as they play.
• Each hilarious story can be read aloud by the device or by the student.
• 48 YakLibs stories included.
• Play each story again and again—kids will get a different, hilarious result each time.
• Kids can save their favorite stories.
• Fresh, modern design and user-tested gameplay.
• Teacher controls allow customization of the game.
• Teacher-controlled filtering of inappropriate words.
• No ads. No in-app purchases. No social media sharing. No Game Center integration.
• No fart stories. We've catered this app for use in the classroom.

YakLibs on the App Store

Teachers know best.

To make YakLibs a positive experience for students, we went right to the experts—teachers. We took their advice and worked hard to make the YakLibs Classroom Edition an enjoyable in-class learning tool. And, yes, we took out the story about farting!

But we didn't stop there. We also built Teacher Controls into the app to make the experience even better for your specific classroom. Listed below are descriptions of the customizable features:

Random Word Generator
When your students are playing the app, they can use the Random Word button to fill in words for them. If you'd prefer they have to enter words, you may disable the Random Word button.

Play Stories Aloud
The app gives your students the option of reading the story themselves or having their device read it out loud for them. If you find having it read out loud is disruptive in your classroom or you'd prefer they have to read the stories themselves, you can hide the Play Stories Aloud function.

The app awards scores for each story completed. We've found that kids enjoy getting scores for their efforts. Also, the scoring is set up to encourage kids to enter words and not rely on the Random Words button. But, if you prefer, you may turn off scoring completely.

Filtering Inappropriate Words
We do our best to prevent kids from entering offensive words into the app (unlike our competitors, who do no filtering). The app's default setting is the Standard Filter, which blocks over 400 terms from being entered. If you’d like to adjust the amount of filtering, you can do so within the Teacher Controls:

The Standard Filter blocks over 400 terms, including sexually explicit words, most curse words, racially inappropriate terms, offensive private parts slang, and words of extreme violence.

The Standard Plus Filter blocks over 500 terms, including everything blocked by the Standard Filter, plus all curse words, drug and alcohol terms, and kids’ private parts words

The Extreme Filter blocks nearly 700 terms, including everything blocked by the Standard Plus Filter, plus anatomical private part words and kids’ bathroom words.

Have a question about the YakLibs Classroom Edition? Or a suggestion to make it better? We'd love to hear from you! Simply send us an email at: teacherHotline@yaklibs.com.

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